RGS Partners acted as the sole advisor in the acquisition of Smartcoat, a company specialized in offshore painting, by Priner, a leader in the industrial services segment with a focus on access and assembly of scaffolding systems.

The transaction increased Priner’s business potential in the offshore oil and gas segment, a sector that has good growth projections as the entry of private companies to pre-salt exploration has eased. According to Tulio Cintra, Priner’s president, the company’s plan is to become less dependent on Petrobras’ bids and to focus on relationships with private customers.

In figures, the value of the transaction was not disclosed, but it is considered a 4x multiple of the company’s EBITDA over the last 12 months. The deal consisted of the acquisition of 75% of Smartcoat’s shares, with 25% remaining with the company’s former owners.


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